The timetable below sets out the key events in a calendar year to ensure that the Committee meets its main aims. 

Time Activity


VRC Communications Subgroup meeting
  • Review of Annual report and website
  • Consider future communications methods.
VRC meeting
  • Overall Assessment of the results of the statutory and non-statutory programmes for previous year and start of new year.
  • Agree Open meeting plans.
VRC Matrix Ranking Subgroup meeting
  • Ad hoc meeting – held if changes are needed to Matrix Ranking system.


VRC meeting.
  • Assess and advise on surveillance results.
  • Finalise Annual Report.
Annual Report published


VMD planning meeting for statutory surveillance plan
  • VRC representatives attend to consider draft plan for next year.
VRC meeting
  • To approve statutory plan for following year.
  • To approve non-statutory plan for following year.
  • Assess and advise on surveillance results and any completed brand name surveys.
VRC Open Meeting
  • consult stakeholders on issues facing the Committee
Winter VRC Horizon Scanning meeting
  • Assess and advise on surveillance results
  • Consider key issues of concern to the Committee

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