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  • The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) is working to improve the availability of medicines for the treatment of bee diseases. The 13 point action plan developed with the bee keeping associations has been completed. As a result a number of articles were published in beekeeper publications to educate beekeepers about veterinary medicines in general and a list of vets willing to help beekeepers import products into the UK under the cascade is available from the VMD on request.

  • Also, in response to another of the actions the VMD has compiled a list of bee medicines which are available in other Member States. To date, 5 bee medicines have been imported into the UK by veterinary surgeons.

  • Separately, 3 new veterinary medicinal products for the treatment of Varroasis have become available in the UK since January 2009. These are ApiLife Var, authorised in June 2009, Thymovar 15g Bee-Hive Strips for Honey Bees, authorised in June 2010 and MAQS Beehive Strips authorised in March 2013.

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Last Updated: 14 July 2014

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