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Pollution Reduction Programme (PRP)

The Action Plan from the Sheep Dip Pollution Reduction Programme has been completed and there are no plans to reconvene the stakeholder steering group. The VMD and Environment Agency (EA) may however wish to continue working closely with a number of the organisations represented on the group to ensure on-going dissemination of best practice advice to the sheep farming community.

During 2005 routine monitoring and targeted investigations by the EA had shown that pollution in rivers and streams and the resulting impacts on wildlife from sheep dip products containing cypermethrin was unacceptable. As a result, on 30 September 2005 the VMD and the EA held a meeting with interested organisations to consider how the pollution could be addressed. You can read a record of that meeting here. The Sheep Dip Pollution Reduction Programme (PRP) arose from this meeting.

In January 2006 the EA and the VMD consulted on the draft PRP, a range of organisations including regulators and associations representing farmers, anglers, veterinarians, manufacturers and wildlife interests responded to the consultation. A Steering Group, with members representing the above groups took forward the PRP, taking account of the comments received.

Section 4 of the PRP details the 4 main aims that the VMD and the Environment Agency (EA) consider vital to the successful implementation of the programme.

4.1 Raising user awareness

This was done through the Stop Every Drop campaign.

4.2 Identifying best option for sustainable solution

GHK, a consultancy company with experience in this field, undertook a study and appraisal of options for responding to the risks and impacts associated with sheep dip products. Their report sets out the approach to the appraisal and presented the findings in relation to the options specified in the tender brief.

4.3 Monitoring rivers and streams

This is work that the EA carries out routinely. You can find out more about this on the EA website.

4.4 Using science to support the programme

The Central Science Laboratory (now the Food and Environment Research Agency) conducted three research studies, which looked at possible ways cypermethrin dips could enter water courses. The first Cypermethrin Loss from Farms with the second Study on Management of the Environment Input and Risks of Cypermethrin based sheep dips and third investigating Cypermethrin Loss from Sheep Fording a Stream. The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) worked with the National Farmer's Union Scotland , Scottish Government Rural Directorate (SGRD) and representatives of the Fisheries Trusts, on the project Investigation into the impact of the use of cypermethrin sheep dip on surrounding waterbodies.

Minutes of the PRP meetings

Last Updated: 21 January 2011

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