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Veterinary Products Committee

The VPC offers advice to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) on behalf of the Secretary of State, in respect of new and renewal Marketing Authorisations (MAs), Provisional MAs, variations to MAs and Animal Test Certificates (ATCs).

The VMD decides whether an application is to be approved but consults the VPC where there are specific scientific issues on which it requires advice. In these cases, VPC members with the appropriate expertise to address the concerns raised by the VMD are identified in advance of the meeting and asked to lead the discussion.

The VPC also considers appeals when the Secretary of State intends to suspend a MA on the grounds of safety, quality or efficacy, or to refuse to grant a MA or an ATC, grant one that is different from that which was applied for, vary it other than on the application of the holder, refuse to grant a variation applied for by the holder, or revoke it. The Veterinary Medicines Regulations make provision for a fee to be charged for an appeal to the VPC.

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Veterinary Residues Committee

The Veterinary Residues Committee is an independent advisory committee. We see our role as:

  • providing high quality, independent, expert advice to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Food Standards Agency;
  • overseeing the residue surveillance programmes and surveys to ensure that they are concentrated on issues of possible concern and are well conducted;
  • encouraging regular dialogue with stakeholders in the promotion of good practices;
  • and taking other initiatives where relevant to attain the Committee's mandate.

The Committee is always grateful for the information and feedback from consumers and other stakeholders. This includes all of the government and other agencies that help us in our work.

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