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Defra Guide to Farm Inspections

Defra has published a plain-English guide to farm inspections. This guide has been created in response to the recommendations of the Farming Regulation Task Force, as part of Defra's work to become more open about what farmers can be inspected for, and how they are selected for inspection. It has been developed in partnership with a number of farmers, who have shaped both its content and style. As well as giving information about the VMD's inspections of approved 'on farm mixers' who use veterinary medicines and specified feed additives, it brings together in one place information about farm inspections conducted by all Defra agencies, local authorities and the Food Standards Agency.

The guide will be reviewed as part of the Smarter Guidance project, but if you have any comments in the meantime then please contact farmregulationtaskforce@defra.gsi.gov.uk.

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