Veterinary Medicines Directorate
Annual Report & Accounts 2004/2005


01 Chief Executive's Foreword

02 Achieving Objectives

03 About Us

04 How We Are Organised


Our Work in 2004/2005

05 Director of Licensing's Review

06 Director of Policy's Review

07 Director of Corporate Business' Review


Meeting Our Objectives

08 Objective 1 – Authorise veterinary medicines efficiently, using good science, thus ensuring their safety, quality and efficacy

09 Objective 2 – Ensure the field use of veterinary medicines is safe and effective by monitoring use by using best practice in pharmacovigilance

10 Objective 3 – Ensure the safe use of veterinary medicines authorised in the UK through surveillance of residues and follow-up action where misuse is detected

11 Objective 4 – Develop policy to ensure that veterinary medicines can be used effectively and safely, for protection to human health, animal health and welfare and the environment

12 Objective 5 – Seek to encourage the proper use of veterinary medicines and actively discourage improper use

13 Objective 6 – Develop the VMD to ensure it is fit for purpose


Looking Forward

14 Our Objectives for 2005/06 and Key Challenges for Next Year



15 Appendix A – Advisory Committees

16 Appendix B – The Veterinary Medicines Directorate’s (VMD) Publications and Statutory Instruments

17 Appendix C – The VMD's People Strategy
– Our Commitment to Staff

18 Appendix D – Annual Report of the VMD's Audit and Risk Committee



19 2004/2005 Accounts

Annual Report 2004-2005
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