Annual Report & Accounts 2005/2006


01 Chief Executive’s Foreword


About Us

02 Our Aims and Responsibilities

03 How We Are Organised


04 Preparation and Audit of the Accounts


Management Commentary

05 Our Work in 2005/2006

06 Achieving Objectives

07 Director of Licensing’s Review

08 Director of Policy’s Review

09 Director of Corporate Business’ Review

10 Looking Forward

11 Financial Review


12 Remuneration Report


Meeting Our Objectives

13 Objective 1 – Authorise veterinary
medicines efficiently, using good
science, thus ensuring their safety,
quality and efficacy, and in accordance
with legislative requirements

14 Objective 2 – Ensure the field use
of veterinary medicines is safe and
effective by monitoring use by using
best practice in pharmacovigilance

15 Objective 3 – Ensure the safe use of
veterinary medicines authorised in
the United Kingdom (UK) through
surveillance of residues and follow-up
action where misuse is detected

16 Objective 4 – Develop policy to ensure
that veterinary medicines can be used
effectively and safely and protect
human health, animal health and
welfare and the environment

17 Objective 5 – Seek to encourage the
proper use of veterinary medicines and
actively discourage improper use

18 Objective 6 – Develop the Veterinary
Medicines Directorate (VMD) to
ensure that it is fit for purpose and its
vision and objectives are contributing
to Public Service Agreement (PSA)
objective VI, as well as its overall vision
and objectives



Appendix A
19 Advisory Committees

Appendix B
20 VMD Publications and Statutory Instruments

Appendix C
21 VMD People Strategy – Our Commitment to Staff

Appendix D
22 Annual Report of the VMD’s Audit and Risk Committee



23 2005/2006 Accounts

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