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Meeting Our Targets

Target 1 – To authorise veterinary medicines according to legislative requirements and published standards, and monitor reports of suspected adverse reactions to identify emerging trends and take proportionate action

Target 2 – To ensure that UK policy objectives are reflected in EC legislation and guidance and that UK legislation and guidance enables veterinary medicines to be used responsibly, effectively and safely

Target 3 – To ensure the regulatory system is effective and contributes to protecting public health by taking risk based action on the findings from surveillance of residues in food producing animals

Target 4 – To ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is in place to achieve targets 1, 2 and 3 and provides value for money and the VMD achieves full cost recovery


Appendix A
Meeting our Targets – Detailed Results

Appendix B
Advisory Committees

Appendix C
VMD Publications and Statutory Instruments

Appendix D
VMD People Strategy – Our Commitment to Staff

Appendix E
Annual Report of the VMD’s Audit and Risk Committee

2007/08 Accounts

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