Annual Report & Accounts 2008/09

Chief Executive’s Foreword

About Us

Our Aims and Responsibilities

How We Are Organised

Preparation and Audit of the Accounts

Management Commentary

Our Work in 2008/09

Achieving Targets

Director of Authorisations’ Review

Director of Operations’ Review

Looking Forward

Financial Review

Remuneration Report

Environmental Matters and Social and Community Issues

Meeting Our Targets

Target 1 – To authorise veterinary medicines according to legislative requirements and published standards, and monitor reports of suspected adverse reactions to identify emerging trends and take proportionate action

Target 2 – To ensure that UK policy objectives are reflected in EC legislation and guidance and that UK legislation and guidance enables veterinary medicines to be used responsibly, effectively and safely

Target 3 – To ensure the regulatory system is effective and contributes to protecting public health by taking risk-based action on the findings from surveillance of residues in foodproducing animals

Target 4 – To ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is in place to achieve targets 1, 2 and 3 and provides value for money and the VMD achieves full cost recovery

Statement of Accounting Officer’s Responsibilities

Statement on Internal Control

The Certificate and Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General to the House of Commons

Income and expenditure account

Balance sheet

Cash flow statement

Notes to the accounts


Appendix A
Meeting Our Targets – Detailed Results

Appendix B
Advisory Committees

Appendix C
VMD Publications and Statutory Instruments

Appendix D
VMD People Strategy – Our Commitment to Staff

Appendix E
Annual Report of the VMD’s Audit & Risk Committee



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