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Research & Development

Defra's main objective for veterinary medicines is to ensure that their use is safe for humans, animals and the environment and that they are effective.

Our broad areas of interest for research and development are:

  • development of alternative methods to replace or reduce animal testing of viral, bacterial and immunological products for animals;
  • evaluation of best practice principles to ensure the continuing availability of veterinary medicines, especially where resistance is known to be a potential issue threatening efficacy;
  • assessment of potential impact of veterinary medicines on terrestrial and aquatic environments;
  • new methods for detecting residues of veterinary drugs, in line with EU statutory requirements;
  • assessment of the long-term health effects on humans and animals using veterinary medicines;

The five principal objectives of the AMR R&D programme are:

  • developing appropriate tools for AMR detection and characterisation;
  • investigation of how mutations/acquired resistance develop and are transferred;
  • qualitative risk assessments;
  • spread/transmission of AMR genes and/or host bacteria;
  • and options for prevention and control of AMR.
Last Updated: 01 August 2013

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