Brand Naming Reports

In addition to the surveillance of imported foods that is undertaken under the Non-Statutory Surveillance Scheme, the VRC has commissioned a number of surveys of various imported branded foods on sale in the UK, looking for the presence of specific banned or unauthorised substances. The VRC hopes these surveys will provide useful information to consumers and others with an interest in food safety.

The food samples in each survey included own-brand goods from the major supermarket chains as well as other branded products. The samples were purchased from a variety of retail outlets from across the UK and the sample numbers were based on population density. All the samples were tested at accredited laboratories.

Each survey was targeted at a particular substance or group of substances in a specific imported food (for example the survey of imported poultry products undertaken in 2008 focused on breaded poultry convenience foods such as nuggets, dippers etc.) The reports contain a summary of the main findings and full details of all the foods tested, including the brand where known and the country of origin.

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