Product Information Database

This website contains current information about veterinary medicines authorised in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Product details are subject to change. Once approved by the VMD, the updated Summary of Product Characteristics (SPCs) that supplies the label text will be available here almost immediately. However, it may take up to 12 months for these changes to appear on marketed packaging.

If you are concerned about any differences seen, please contact the Authorisation / Registration holder or VMD for clarification by email

What you will see under the table headings:

  • Currently authorised products - Details of products subject of a valid marketing authorisation (MA). An authorised product may not necessarily be marketed. To find out if a product is marketed please contact the MA holder.
  • Expired products - Details of products and homeopathic remedies that are no longer subject of a valid authorisation / registration. Products and remedies that were released by the Qualified Person on or before the date of expiry may continue to be supplied.
  • Suspended products - Details about authorisations / registrations that have been temporarily suspended. Unless the product/remedy has been recalled, those that were released by the Qualified Person on or before the date of suspension may continue to be supplied.
  • Registered homeopathics - Details of remedies subject of a valid registration. Under this simplified registration scheme applicants are not required to provide efficacy data, so the public assessment report will not cover this. A registered remedy may not necessarily be marketed. To find out if a remedy is marketed please contact the registration holder.
  • Refused applications - Details of applications for new marketing authorisations, homeopathic registrations, and major changes to the product applied for post authorisation that have been refused by the VMD.
  • Recently updated - Details of all marketing authorisations that have been updated within the last 30 days
  • Recently authorised - Details of all products subject of a valid marketing authorisation issued within last 6 months

Products authorised in Northern Ireland that meet the criteria for unfettered access to Great Britain will be supplied with the labels approved for Northern Ireland. These products are highlighted in the PID with the heading unfettered market access (UMA).

Specified Feed Additives

The Food Standards Agency continues to publish information for Great Britain SFA authorisations on their Feed Additives Register.

To find out what SFAs are authorised in Northern Ireland you will need to go to the EU Register of Feed Additives. The EU register is split into 3 parts:

  • Annex I – the main Register of permitted feed additives
  • Annex II – Transitional feed additives awaiting legal withdrawal
  • Annex III – an archive of all Register edition amendments

Territories in which Marketing Authorisations are valid

Products are authorised separately in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Authorisations held by the same authorisation holder may be aligned if they are for the same product, meaning they:

  • are the same pharmaceutical form
  • have the same qualitative and quantitative composition
  • are intended for the same target species with the same indications
  • have a shared dossier

Products authorised before January 2021 via a national application route may be subject of a UK wide authorisation whilst they remain the same. See Marketing Authorisations for veterinary medicines for more information.

Public assessment reports

A UK Public Assessment Report (UKPAR) may not be immediately available for products originally authorised under an EU procedure and converted to a Great Britain or Northern Ireland authorisation in 2021. We will endeavour to populate this information over time.

European Public Assessment Reports (EPAR) are available on the European Medicines Agency website for products formerly and presently authorised via the EU centralised procedure.



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