Expired products

The expired products
Product name MA holder VM number Authorisation route Active substances Territory Expired date
Coopers Fly Repellent Plus 1.05% Cutaneous Emulsion for Horses MSD Animal Health UK Limited 01708/4596 National
  • Citronellol
  • Permethrin (cis:trans 25:75)
United Kingdom 15/03/2022
Cobactan LC, 75 mg, Intramammary Ointment for Lactating Cattle MSD Animal Health UK Limited 01708/4451 Mutually Recognised
  • Cefquinome
Cobactan 2.5% w/v Suspension for Injection for Cattle and Pigs MSD Animal Health UK Limited 01708/4452 Mutually Recognised
  • Cefquinome
Crystapen 5 Mega Units 3g Powder for Solution for Injection MSD Animal Health UK Limited 01708/4597 National
  • Benzylpenicillin Sodium
United Kingdom 30/03/2021
Cobactan 4.5% w/v Powder and Solvent for Solution for Injection for Horse and Cattle Intervet International BV 06376/4059 Mutually Recognised
  • Cefquinome
Canihelmin Plus 50 mg/144 mg/150 mg Tablets for Dogs Genera Inc. 43676/4001 Mutually Recognised
  • Febantel
  • Praziquantel
  • Pyrantel Embonate
Clinagel-Vet, Gentamicin 0.30% w/w Eye Gel Ecuphar NV 32742/4000 National
  • Gentamicin
United Kingdom 02/04/2021
CPF Dairyclene Iodine (0.52% w/v) RTU Teat Dip and Teat Spray Solution Diversey Ltd 15985/4034 National (Informed Consent)
  • Iodine
United Kingdom 21/08/2018
Circogen Emulsion for Injection for Pigs Ceva Animal Health Ltd 15052/4087 National
  • Porcine circovirus-2
Great Britain 29/11/2022
Circogen Emulsion for Injection for Pigs Ceva Animal Health Ltd 15052/4087 Mutually Recognised
  • Porcine circovirus-2
Northern Ireland 29/11/2022
Cat Flea Collar with dimpylate 15% w/w Bob Martin (UK) Ltd 00715/4113 National (MAPI)
  • Dimpylate
United Kingdom 20/12/2022
Colistin APSA 1,200,000 IU/g Premix for Medicated Feeding Stuff for Pigs ANDRES PINTALUBA, S.A. 32508/4000 Mutually Recognised
  • Colistin Sulphate