Apply for Research Import Certificate

The Applicant must be the holder of the Project Licence appropriate to the animals which are to be treated.  The Applicant must distinguish between:

a)  Treating an animal for research purposes associated with an experimental trial (acts covered by A(SP)A and therefore the RIC)

b)  Treating an animal with a disease/condition as an act of veterinary surgery (covered by the Veterinary Surgeons Act, where the cascade and SIC/STCs would apply).

A Research Import Certificate (RIC) relates only to one product / active substance / fixed combination of active substances. Only one Research Import Certificate may be applied for at any one time and applications for additional products / substances must be made individually.

To apply for a Research Import Certificate click on "Apply for Research Import Certificate" on the toolbar above.

You will require Adobe Reader to view and print your certificate. HyperLink


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